We are fighting this fight so our children won't have to.

We are a group of advocates in the five boroughs, New Jersey, and Long Island working to lift the consciousness of our communities. We are building and organizing these communities in the fight against police brutality and systemic oppression by understanding our value and connecting patterns of oppression. We are working to make New York City the place we envision it to be. We aim to achieve this through three pillars:


  1. We organize protests throughout the greater New York City area. We engage in civil disobedience and disruption tactics to bring awareness to the injustices that Black and oppressed communities face. We are not peaceful, but we are non-violent. At the same time, we strive to work from within the system to draft and support policy and legislation in an effort to get our elected officials to work for us.

  2. We engage in community building through programs such as street cleanups and food pantries.

  3. We facilitate workshops to educate our communities on topics relating to abolition and our demands.

We must work within our communities and provide resources to the resourceless. We are fighting to dismantle the predominantly white power structure of this city: the New York Police Department. We demand the $6 billion budget of the NYPD be reinvested in our communities. The police do not make our communities safer. Rather than preventing crime, they simply react with violence to actions deemed a crime. We can do that by reallocating resources into our communities to solve and eliminate problems at their root and decriminalize survival.

Our community has shown that when we come together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. The efforts of our coalition extend into community building through programs such as street cleanups and food pantries. We continue to stand up, protect, and fight for Black trans and queer lives. We do not need to rely on the corrupt system to take care of ourselves.